water-skiing 5 Sep

Varsity, Novice

Novice Rowers are classified as any athlete in their first year of rowing. After their novice year, rowers move up to the Varsity category, in which a true depth system is adopted. The 1 st Varsity 8+ lineup is comprised of the fastest 8 rowers and best coxswain. Then, the 2 nd Varsity 8+ uses rowers #9-16, and so on. This depth system is similar to the “string” system used in traditional sports such as football and basketball. Some teams and coaches using older terminology call 2 nd boats “JV” boats, however this is strictly a nominal designation and does not mean the rowers are not “Varsity.”

Delta Blades, along with all SWJRA teams, has four squads: Novice Men, Novice Women, Varsity Men, Varsity Women.

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