4 Jul

Best holiday location for boating enthusiasts

For so-called water rats like myself, there is no better holiday than those by water. It doesn’t matter if it’s a river, a lake, a sea, or an ocean as long as it’s possible to get out on a boat and enjoy some sailing, paddling, or even using an engine. In fact, for me I don’t take any holiday without being by water, especially since I live in a city that doesn’t have much water.

Whenever I’m a bit stressed life in general or with work in fact I spend a lot of my time planning fantasy holidays and reading about places that I would like to visit. In the categories of lake, river, sea, and ocean, here are my top picks for the best boating holiday imaginable:

River: The Amazon.

One of the longest rivers in the world and the source of legend, the Amazon is an amazing place to be out on the water. Although the temperatures can be brutally hot and the humidity suffocating, I can’t imagine how being in the world’s largest rainforest wouldn’t be astonishing. Considering the heat though, I’d probably prefer to take a river cruise instead of struggling in the heat and humidity. But for sure this is one the top of my dream holiday locations.

Lake:The Caspian Sea.

A cursory glance at a map will show that the Caspian is a lake and not a sea, despite its name. In fact, it’s the largest lake in the world. Many countries touch the lake, but by far Iran and Russia have the most coastline. With hot summers and cold winters this temperate lake offers visitors all they could possibly want—the only challenge is getting to the place as many western countries don’t have the best relations with Iran and Russia.

Sea: The Baltic Sea.

In the winter this sea in the north of Europe can be covered in ice and become extremely frigid. For anyone who likes sun-bathing and swimming it might not be the best option, though in the months of July and August the waters can reach some 20 degrees—a bit cold for some and plenty warm for many others. With able Scandinavian, German, and Russia history (to say nothing of the equally interesting Polish, Baltic and Old Prussian cultures found on the sea’s shores), the Baltic offers culture and history as much as good sailing. Just try not to fall in the cold water!

Ocean: The Pacific.

As the largest ocean in the world this one is an obvious choice. And I won’t use that as a cope-out but will narrow it down to the the coast of Mexico. With places like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco this is a great place to visit. If you go in springtime, when the weather is already warm enough to swim, you can also enjoy some marlin fishing or other deep-sea fishing if that’s your scene. And with amazing Mexican food to eat as well, there’s hardly a better place in the world to have a boating holiday!